Not every batch is a good batch

I was so excited to open the kiln and take out my latest batch of beads. Over a period of about 2 weeks I had made around 170 beads and pendants. But unfortunately instead of excitement I had disappointment. The kiln had fired just that little bit hotter than I had wanted and most of the beads had blistered and bubbled. Just a tiny bit, but anything but perfect and they are considered rubbish.

Thankfully not ALL of the beads were a loss, there were around 60 that came out ok. Here is a picture of them glazed and drying.

The next step is to string them on to high fire wire that can withstand the 1100 temperature in the kiln. They are then hung on a bead rack and fired for 8 hours.

I’m already working on some new ideas for my next batch. I’m thinking of incorporating glass onto some heart pendants. Stay tuned….


One thought on “Not every batch is a good batch

  1. Val Garber says:

    Glad you talk about your failures ! I have SOOOO MANY ! I was beginning to think I was the only one 🙂

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