New design – Marbled Flower Pendants

While playing around with some scrap clay (as I just hate to throw it out!) I came up with an idea for using circles of marbled clay to make a flower shape. After a bit of playing around, this is what I came up with

I really like this! So off I went making up some different coloured logs of clay and turning them into these pendants. After a couple of hours, here is what I had done

After a couple of nights along these lines, I had enough to fire. Here is the batch of flowers, beads and pendants all dried, sanded and waiting to go in the kiln. Notice the lack of colour, colour doesn’t appear in it’s true form until they are fired to 1280 degrees Celsius.

Then was the nervous wait to see if the firing would be a success or a disaster. Phew, it all went according to plan and I am really happy with the result. Here are a small selection all glazed and ready to be made into necklaces.

I haven’t had much time to play with them yet, but I did make up a couple last night with some fantastic new sari silk ribbon and Tibetan beads I got this week. I’m really liking this new look.

Stay tuned for the next design ideas, which always come to me when I’m fiddling around with scrap clay.



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