New Direction

I’ve found that lately my designs have been taking a new direction. I’m working less with sterling silver and a more formal look and more with silk ribbon and a casual beach/boho style. I’ve been influenced by some amazing silk hand dyed ribbon that I’ve recently got my hands on. The last batch has been in ‘storm’ colours. Lots of gorgeous grey/blue and sea green and charcoal. I set out to make my last batch of beads with these colours in mind.

After spending a few nights pouring coloured slip, layering, rolling and designing pendants and beads, I then got down to the always long and slow process of sanding each of them. Here they all are laid out for sanding.

After being fired to 1220 degrees Celsius (2335 Fahrenheit) they are then glazed one by one. Another lengthy process. Each bead and pendant needs 2 coats to ensure a nice glossy finish. Here they are strung on my bead rack ready to go in the kiln.

Thankfully this time everything was a great success, just a couple with cracks, but otherwise I was really happy with the outcome. As soon as I saw the finished product I have ideas racing through my head for bracelets and necklaces. Here they are fresh from the kiln.

And to finish off, here are a couple of pieces I’ve made so far.


5 thoughts on “New Direction

  1. Susan Strain says:

    Gorgeous work but I must ask where did you get that amazing bead rack?

  2. Val Garber says:

    clever girl to use a tile rack ! But why do you dry sand? It’s very bad for your health and a damp sponge works great.

  3. Susan Strain says:

    Excellent idea with the tile rack. I sponge my stuff. I have found if you use a really fine sponge like one of those super fine makeup sponges you get a really smooth finish. If that’s not smooth enough for you, a wet sand with wet and dry sandpaper after the first firing works really well and saves the lungs.

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