Building stock for Christmas

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, sorry!! The end of year rush has started. Work break ups, kinder graduation, creche parties, Karate grading etc etc.

With Christmas fast approaching, I’ve been trying to build up on some stock. I’ve also been trying to make a really wide variety of styles to appeal to all people. I’m finding my silk wrap bracelets are popular. And I’m not surprised, they are so summery and beachy, and can also be worn as an anklet.

Next on the popularity list are these lace heart pendant necklaces. Each pendant is made from porcelain clay and has the impression of lace rolled onto the surface then the impression is glazed to bring out the pattern of the lace.

I’m also noticing that longer style necklaces are very much in fashion now, so I’ve got lots of different styles in a longer length.

I hope you are all excited about Christmas apporaching, I sure am! If you are thinking of a unique and original piece of jewellery for a gift, pop over to my online store and have a browse.



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