Lots of new goodies fresh from the kiln

I’ve been busy over the last month making lots of new beads and pendants, trying out new ideas, new techniques and new glazes. I’ve now got a huge batch of goodies to keep me busy over the Christmas period. I thought I’d show you some of my processes to give you an idea of how much  time goes into each and every bead and pendant.

First off, I stain the porcelain slip with a variety of colours. I then pour them onto the back of an old mold which draws the moisture out of the slip turning it into a clay consistency that I can then work with.

Ready to create

After I hand roll the beads and pendants, they then need to dry for a couple of days before I can sand them so they are nice and smooth. This is a very long process but one of the most important.


Once all sanded and smooth, they then need to be fired to 1220 degrees Celsius (2228 Fahrenheit) then each piece glazed with 2 coats. I mostly use clear glaze as the porcelain is coloured, but I’ve recently been playing with coloured glazes too. Here is a batch all glazed in clear, which makes everything white.

glazed beads and pendants

Back into the kiln at 1000 degrees Celsius (1832 Fahrenheit). Opening the kiln after the glaze firing is the best bit. Seeing all those shinny goodies waiting to be made into jewellery. I can never wait to get started! Here they all are, don’t they look delicious!!

fired collage_13Dec12

Yesterday was such a nice day. I set up outside next to the sandpit where Charlie happily played and chatted away.

Ready to go

I’ve got lots and lots to do, but here are the first few pieces.

Round pendants collageLace heart pendants collageSilk wrap bracelet collage

So as you can see, it’s a long process to create the pieces you see above, but one that I love doing. When you buy handmade, you know you are getting something that is original, unique and made with love. If you’d like any of the pieces above, or would just like to browse my other creations, head over to my online store: www.madeit.com.au/springwoodjewellery


2 thoughts on “Lots of new goodies fresh from the kiln

  1. Kumi Fisher says:

    I have so much more appreciation for artisan clay beads after seeing the multiple process! Thank you for sharing! Love seeing all the steps 🙂

  2. Val Garber says:


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