Flowers, spots and dots! New focal beads fresh from the kiln

As always, my latest batch of beads to come out of the kiln is totally different from past batches. This time, I had an idea of using a toothpick dipped in slightly thickened porcelain slip to create a raised design on a large bead and make it a focal bead which could stand alone on a chain or leather cord and be the star.

First I started out covering a still wet hand rolled bead in dozens of different coloured spikes. As usual, anything worthwhile takes time, and this one sure did take some time, but it fills the brief of focal bead with a difference. Here it is freshly done and sill wet. Notice the pastel colour of the slip in it’s liquid form.Thorn bead

When it’s fired, it shrinks by about 15 – 20% and the true colour appears.

spiky bead

I went with a simple silver chain to show this one off.

Spiky bead on silver chain 2

Here are a few more of the spiky themed beads

spiky beads

I’m going with a simple leather cord with 2 silver spacer beads to hold it in place.

white bead coloured spikes on leather

Next on the agenda was a floral design. Now doing this one with toothpicks was tricky to say the least! But I got a few that I was happy with.

Flower beadFloral beadsFloral heart

Once again, I think the simple leather cord and silver spacer beads sets this one off nicely.

white bead coloured flowers on leather 2

And this one I love on a sterling silver snake chain

Flower focul on snake chain 1

Now back to the little bottles of slip to come up with my next design idea!


3 thoughts on “Flowers, spots and dots! New focal beads fresh from the kiln

  1. Karen Jane Jewellery says:

    I love the flower beads!

  2. jadejulz says:

    Reblogged this on jewelleryhandcrafted and commented:
    I think that this bead is stunning and so unique. You would not have to add much to create a unique and original piece of handmade jewellery from this.

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