Beads, beads and more beads!

Wow, have I been slack at blogging or what! Sorry!!

Once again, I’ve take a bit of a turn and have decided to concentrate on making beads, then resisting the urge to create jewellery with them, which is very hard, do you know how loud those little shiny balls of goodness call to me when I take them out of the kiln! But there is a big market out there for handmade artisan beads. What better way to create unique individual jewellery. Stay away from the store bought beads that are churned out by the thousands, every one perfect and the same and go with handmade beads that are unique and individual and not quite perfect. Your end result will be something that stands out, has character and will never be seen anywhere else.

I love to make marbled beads, every bead is a one off original and unique. If you head over to my Etsy store, you’ll see some new listings appear for my marbled porcelain beads. Here are a few sets:

Marbled Bead Set 1_1 Marbled Bead Set 1_2 Marbled Bead Sets 1

I LOVE working with these beads, here are a couple of my creations:

Bead charm bracelet 2 DSC01270 Heart drop with bead earrings cropped

Next  I tried some rustic donuts. These ones have nice cracked edges, which I then stained with colour and finally a glaze coat.

Group beadsBlack rustic beads x 7_1 Deep pink rustic beads x 6_1

And of course, I have yet ANOTHER new idea I want to try out with some vintage heart pendants. Watch this space, I’m really excited about them!

To see the full range of beads, head over to my Etsy store:


One thought on “Beads, beads and more beads!

  1. Susan Strain says:

    These beads are just gorgeous Lisa, the colours are amazing.

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