Layered bangles, beads and other news

I’m really excited about the latest edition to my range. This idea came about in the middle of the night, I’d woken up for some reason and started thinking about layering sheets of coloured porcelain to make pendants when I had an idea to make a layered bangle. The middle of the night is the perfect time to think about these things (although not productive for a good nights sleep), there are no distractions, no interuptions. So as I was drifting off to sleep, I had a clear picture of what I wanted to create.

The next night I got to work, and found out that this was not an easy thing to make. Pouring coloured slip out, drying it, rolling it, layering it, cutting, shaping etc etc etc!! Finally I had my prototype ready. It needed to then dry for at least 24 hours, then VERY carefully sand it. Fire it, glaze it and THEN, I’m done. Here is the end result of my initial prototype. I must say, I was sooooo happy with it!!

Layered bracelet_4

Over the next week I worked on several more of these bangles. I had 2 breakages and still have 3 more to glaze fire, but here is the progress so far. I’m liking this new design.

Layered bangles

There are lots of left over layered offcuts when I make these, and I got some great beads from them, and a few new icicle pendants and layered pendants that I had been thinking about doing for awhile too.

Mixed cream, green, blue beads & hearts_1 Bead set_green, cream_2 Bead set-10 marbled round beads_2 black, blue, orange bead set & pendants_3 Icicles_green, cream_2

And finally my exciting news. I have a tutorial coming out in Australian Beading magazine next month (Issue 7.3) and I am also sending some bead samples off to the USA for possible inclusion in a product review. I’ll dedicate a post to update you more on these developments soon.

In the meantime, please head over to my Madeit store to see the bangles or my Etsy store for bangles and beads


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