Porcelain lace bowls and other goodies

Well here I go again, off on another tangent yet again. I thought I’d take a teensy break from the beads and pendants and dabble in a bit of homewares. I had an idea for little ring dishes that could be used on wedding days, or to put by the sink when doing the dishes, maybe for a little candle or spoon rest, or just to look pretty around the home. I had the perfect translucent green glaze and some vintage lace I wanted to incorporate too. So after a bit of a play around, here are the first few from the kiln.

Ring bowl_Green_Circle pattern_6 Ring bowl_Green_flower pattern_3 Ring bowls

Then as I was looking at a pretty doily, I thought ‘what a great bowl’, so that was next on the list. This one is a bit bigger, so has even more uses. Flower bowl_green_2

I’d had a trial run of some coasters that needed tweaking, and after a bit of refinement, I have my first set all done.

4 round coasters_Green_6

And while I was obsessing about this new glaze, I came up with this cute little bangle. Might have to try this one in some different or even mixed colour combos I think.

Green flower bracelet_3

And as always, I leave you as I head off to try some more new ideas I have. I think that is why my range is so unique and limited, once I’ve got an idea and made it happen, I can’t wait to try the next idea, so most of my pieces are one-off or very limited. And each piece is unique and never duplicated.

Head over to my Etsy or Madeit store to see more on all the pieces above.


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