Wedding ring dishes – my current obsession


Those of you who follow my blog will know that I can’t seem to work too long on a design before my brain insists I try out other new ideas. My last batch of little ring dishes and bowls were a real hit, and I then started thinking more about ring dishes and more specifically wedding ring dishes. My latest creations are focused on modern and fun ring and jewellery dishes with a touch of classic lace. A perfect alternative to the traditional wedding ring pillow.

First up I made a few heart shaped dishes with an amazing new turquoise glaze that I love!

Heart ring dish_turquoise with ribbon_8 Heart ring dish_turquoise_5

Then I thought how cute a flower dish would be and I love how these came out

Flower ring dish_turquoise lace strip_8 Flower ring dish_white full lace_4 Flower ring dish_grape lace stripe_5

This is a larger scalloped edge bowl that can hold your watch, rings and necklace or maybe put it by the door for your keys. I love it as a candle holder

Scalloped edge bowl_grape_1

And then quite by accident I came up with this little frilly/rippled edge bowl

Frilled edge bowl_green_5

And of course, I had to try something totally new too! I’m getting organised early for Christmas this year with these decorations. Looking forward to playing with lots of new designs and colours for these.

Decorations_green lace_1 Decorations_Multi coloured snow flakes_1 Decorations_White stars_1

Most of the designs you see here have just been listed in my Madeit shop. Some are on Etsy. If you prefer to shop on Etsy, just let me know and I can list it there for you.


2 thoughts on “Wedding ring dishes – my current obsession

  1. Insung says:

    This is very pretty! I would like to own one 😀

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