Wedding ring dishes – Part 2

Those of you who read my blog on a regular basis know that I never tend to stick to one thing for long. Well, it seems I may have to when it comes to my new range of wedding ring dishes because boy, are they proving popular! Perfect timing with wedding season upon us. I’ve had custom orders coming in from brides, bridesmaids, friends wanting a unique engagement or wedding gift, and of course those who just want a special, pretty dish to keep their rings in at home.

I’ve now started customising the dishes when asked by stamping into the still wet clay. Maybe a wedding date on the back, or a short message to the bride. The bride and grooms name. I’ve even just done my first hand engraving of the bride and grooms initials (in the kiln tonight, can’t wait to see how it comes out). So as never seen before on my blog, here are some more pictures (with of course, a new idea that I’ve tried too!)

Heart ring dish_purple lace with ribbon_5 Heart ring dish_purple partial lace_1 Heart ring dish_red lace with ribbon_1 Heart ring dish_White partial doily_2 Round ring dish_custom order_kristy_2

And after much trial and error (the first 2 developed cracks when firing, this was the 3rd attempt) I’ve made a bigger size bowl that is quite unique. This is about 18cm in diameter.

Large floral bowl_Aqua_1

I’m busy building stock at the moment for a Christmas market at the Rose Street Artist Market in Fitzroy at the end of November. Lots of Christmas ornaments, ring dishes and doily ring bowls to be made!

To see what is available right now or to contact me for a custom order, please visit my Madeit or Etsy store


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