Turning lemons into lemonade

Sometimes things just don’t go to plan, especially when there is a kiln and high temperatures involved.

I recently had an element blow in my kiln, much time and many hundreds of dollars later, I finally got it back and eagerly loaded my waiting batch of goodies. I had some great new butterfly ring dishes I was itching to get fired so loaded them all in.

When I opened the kiln the next morning my heart sank. It seems with the new element, my kiln was now firing much hotter than before and all my gorgeous butterfly bowls were as flat as a pancake. I could have cried, all that work down the drain. As I sat there staring at the flat flock of butterflies, an idea came to me. How about I glaze them in beautiful butterfly colours and attache a clasp to the back and make them over sized butterfly brooches. So I got to work painstakingly glazing in pastels, brights and crystal burst glazes and here they are fresh out of the kiln today.

Butterfly brooch_Blue body_1 Butterfly brooch_circle pattern_2 Butterfly brooch_red body_2 Butterfly brooch_Red wings_1 Butterfly brooch_turquoise_1

I hope I’ve managed to turn these lemons into lemonade, time will tell, but I did love doing something very different to add to my range.

To see the above pieces, please go to my Madeit or Etsy shop.


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