New product launch – Mobiles

Happy New Year!!

With the new year for me comes the launch of my new product line – baby and children’s mobiles. Before I began production of my new mobiles, I did some research on what sort of handmade mobiles are on the market at the moment. I found lots of gorgeous hand stitched felt mobiles and also paper mobiles. I dug a bit further into porcelain/ceramic mobiles and came up with not much at all. The ones I did find were quite rustic looking.

I had an idea to make beautiful mobiles for baby and children’s rooms, but not limit them to the kids, but they would also be a pretty touch to any room of the house. These mobiles are not the soft and squishy ones to hang over the cot or change table, but more of a beautiful touch to a special room.

Each mobile will feature several of my handmade porcelain ornaments hung on gorgeous hand dyed sari silk ribbon. The hoop they hang from is wrapped with meters and meters of sari silk. With finishing touches of silver beads or darkly varnished wooden beads.

The result, a truly unique mobile that is a one of a kind. The perfect special gift that you won’t find anywhere else and a special feature in any room.

I just love turquoise, so the first mobile I made with this gorgeous turquoise silk and stars and moons glazed in rich turquoise was a winner for me. I was over the moon (pun intended) when it sold within 5 minutes of me listing it.

Mobile_turquoise stars_3

Next is this stunning red silk with 2 different sized hearts. One side with a full floral lace pattern and the other a partial lace imprint. The hoop is 30cm in diameter, the bigger of the 2 sized I’ll be making (the turquoise hoop is 20cm in diameter)

Mobile_Large_Red with hearts_1

I’ve got some more in production at the moment and will be listing them as they are completed over the coming weeks. There will be owls and elephants in stunning greens, blues and purples, more hearts in white and pale pink and pastel butterflies.

Keep an eye out for them in my Madeit and Etsy stores.


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