As always, some new things to share

It seems like ages since I last blogged, where does the time get to!

I’ve been busy busy with lots of custom orders for weddings. Lots of engraved ring dishes and some special gifts. One in particular that I’ve been working on I’ve really enjoyed. A lovely bride to be ordered a large rectangle dish for each of her 4 bridesmaids, the mother of the groom and her mother. Each dish is imprinted with the same lace but with different personalised engravings for each person. A lovely thoughtful gift that I’m sure will be treasured by each of them. Here is the dish for the mother of the groom

Large rectangle dish_green_engraved_Jess_1

Another new addition to my range are these cute little bird ring dishes. Super cute and each one seems to have their own little personality

Round ring dish_bird decal_2.5 Round ring dish_bird decal_1.1 Round ring dish_bird decal_3

I’ve also been working on something totally different. This new product is still in production mode as I’m refining the technique. The bowls are made by building up layers of liquid porcelain in 2 different colours and swirling them together as they are poured. This gives each dish a very unique finish. I hope to have some of these listed in my Madeit and Etsy stores soon.

Porcelain swirl bowls_trial 1


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