Cambodian Adventure

For the first time since I opened my Madeit and Etsy stores, way back in the 2012 when I was making porcelain jewellery, I’m closing up shop for 2 weeks. The reason, I’m off on an adventure to Cambodia for 2 weeks! My amazing other half is staying home with the kids (Charlie, 6 and Mia, 1) while I fulfill a lifelong dream of seeing the temples of Cambodia. Ever since wondering at this amazing place while studying Archeology at university some 16 years ago I’ve dreamed of seeing it for myself. I’ll be spending 3 days in Phnom Penh with friends, then I say goodbye to them and head off to island hop and laze away a couple of days in a little beach shack on the water in Sihanoukville. After that it’s back to Phnom Penh for a night the I fly to Siem Reap to spend 5 days exploring the temples by bike and foot and traveling out to the more remote temples. I have no doubt that I’ll come back inspired with new ideas to work into my pieces. Just look at this place!

Angkor_from_Lake Angkor-Wat-Cambodia sihanoukville Stone carving .Banteay Srei Temple. Angkor. Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Speaking of new inspirations, I’ve been working on some new ideas that have been swimming around in my head for awhile now. There are lots of new ideas I’m itching to try, these are a few that have made it through to final production. First up are hand built rectangle dishes with a stunning 23 karat gold decal. Ive got a few variations of fern leaves and feathers to try out.

Rectangle dish_gold feather_1 Rectangle dish_gold fern_1

I’ve also been wanting to make some nesting bowl sets. I’ve found a bush with the most amazing heart shaped leaves that are perfect for pressing into porcelain clay. Each set will be made with different leaves, making for a unique on-of-a-kind piece. I’m hoping to work on some sets with 3 bowls as well as 2.

Nesting leaf set_3

If you were thinking of purchasing something soon, then get in quick! I’ll be open until Saturday afternoon, then my Madeit and Etsy stores will be closed until early Feb.


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