Family wall hanging

I’m pretty excited to release this new family wall hanging. It came about when a customer wanted a gift for a special friends upcoming birthday. The brief was: Something with all of the the family members names on it. We threw some ideas back and forth for awhile before coming up with a heart ornament for each person and to display them as some sort of wall hanging. I did some hunting around and found this perfect bird hanging rack that came in white and black.

Both the customer and myself were so happy with how it all came out. And now it’s available for order. Unfortunately at this stage, it’s only available with a maximum of 5 hearts. If you have 2, 3 or 4 family members the other hearts will have a partial lace imprint and no name. If you add to your family later, just send me back a heart and I’ll add the new family member’s name.

For all the details, check them both out on my Etsy or Madeit shop.

  Family wall hanging_black_1 Family wall hanging_white_1Family wall hanging_white_2Family wall hanging_Kathy_3


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