Latest release – Floral & Lace

Floral and lace, a match make in heaven!

I’ve been working with floral decals for quite some time, and lace is a staple, but I’ve never put them together, until now! I love the combination and it seems you guys do too. This new range has been super popular and I think they make the perfect birthday, engagement or wedding gift. Sweet and girly and totally unique.

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New for 2017

The start of the new year is always the perfect time for me to try out new ideas that have been simmering at the back of my mind. From September to December I’m so busy with orders for Christmas and keeping up with demand for decorations that all else is pushed to the back burner. January brings some breathing room and time for getting back to letting the creativity flow.

Here are a few pieces that have come out of the kiln in January that are new to my range. I’m especially loving the organic shaped nesting bowls and testing out some new glazes.

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Porcelain Mandala Plate

I’ve always loved mesmerising and intricate shapes of mandalas and wondered how I could incorporate them into my designs. After much thought over several months I decided to carve my own design into a round slab of plaster which I could then roll my porcelain clay over to transfer the design onto the clay.

First I sketched out a design and then got to carving. This was a long and slow process as the plaster is quite hard and not easy to carve into.

Carving mandala

Next was to roll my porcelain clay over the design which transfers the pattern onto the clay as a raised impression. Here is a raw plate drying.

Mandala plate drying

After firing the plate, I glazed in a translucent green which was perfect to highlight the mandala pattern.

Mandala plate_green_2

I also left one white and detailed one with 22k gold luster.

Mandala plate_white_4.jpg

Mandala plate_gold trim_4.jpg

For more details and photos on these plates and my other work, head over to my Etsy or Madeit shop.


Nesting set of porcelain bowls

One of my most popular sets are these nesting rectangle dishes. They look great sitting together as a table centerpiece or on a coffee table or dresser. They are also very functional for holding soap and jewellery in the bathroom, or mints and sweets on the table. If you have a thing for candles, these are great for showing them off. As far as gifts go, you can’t go wrong with one of these sets. They are unique and gorgeous as well as useful and will last a lifetime.

Rectangle set_mint floral_1Rectangle dish set_purple_7Rectangle set_Indian stamp_white_1Rectangle dish set_turquoise corner_1Rectangle set_aqua_1

To see what is currently available, head over to my Madeit or Etsy stores.

Nesting bowls – The beginning

Over the last few months I’ve been experimenting with using natural organic textures to make impressions onto porcelain clay. I was out walking my little one and noticed all the different shaped and textured leaves as we walked past them thinking how each one would work as a bowl. I picked a few along the way and pulled out the clay that night to have a bit of a play.

I found the leaves that had a natural rounded heart shape were going to work best as a bowl and noted how the two different sized leaves fit so nicely together, so decided to make a set of nesting bowls. I glazed them in a gorgeous translucent green and here is the result:

Nesting bowls x 2I was so pleased with this set that a couple of weeks later I set off to gather more leaves from the bush with the perfectly shaped leaves. When I got there, the bush was gone! I walked the neighbourhood looking for another like it with no luck.

I did however come across a vine that had lovely leaves so gathered a few to bring home. This time I decided on a set of 3 nesting bowls and am over the moon with these ones too:

Nesting bowls x 3

These two sets are now available in my Etsy or Madeit store. They are both one of a kind sets so if you like them, grab them quick!

I’d love to hear from you if you like the idea of nesting bowls and what style you would like to see. I’m loving the results so far and would like to experiment further with this idea.

What’s new for July. Porcelain ring dishes, jewellery holders, soap dishes and platters

I’ve been so busy lately I don’t know where to start!

I was so excited to be contacted by The Herald Sun Home Magazine who wanted to do a feature article on me and my work. What an honour! This magazine is seen by thousands across the Melbourne area and my sales rocketed following the release. Here is the article:

Home Magazine 1 Home Magazine 2


I’m also very excited to be making a large selection of my bowls, ring dishes and rectangle dish sets for a new shop opening in South Australia soon. The shop will be stocking an amazing array of handmade products from around the world. I feel very privileged to be among such amazing artists. Here are a few things making their way to their new home this very minute.

Large round ring dishes Rectangle sets Ring dishes


And of course, even among all this craziness I always have a new idea in development. After a special request from a customer, I was finally prompted into trying a platter, which has been on my list of things to do for some time. After showing the customer the design, she went with lime green and my very first platter is now at home with it’s new owner. I’ve got another one drying right now and a larger design also in production.

Oblong doily platter in lime_Custom Allison


I’m always adding new stock to my online stores, so drop by often to see what’s new.

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Porcelain lace bowls and other goodies

Well here I go again, off on another tangent yet again. I thought I’d take a teensy break from the beads and pendants and dabble in a bit of homewares. I had an idea for little ring dishes that could be used on wedding days, or to put by the sink when doing the dishes, maybe for a little candle or spoon rest, or just to look pretty around the home. I had the perfect translucent green glaze and some vintage lace I wanted to incorporate too. So after a bit of a play around, here are the first few from the kiln.

Ring bowl_Green_Circle pattern_6 Ring bowl_Green_flower pattern_3 Ring bowls

Then as I was looking at a pretty doily, I thought ‘what a great bowl’, so that was next on the list. This one is a bit bigger, so has even more uses. Flower bowl_green_2

I’d had a trial run of some coasters that needed tweaking, and after a bit of refinement, I have my first set all done.

4 round coasters_Green_6

And while I was obsessing about this new glaze, I came up with this cute little bangle. Might have to try this one in some different or even mixed colour combos I think.

Green flower bracelet_3

And as always, I leave you as I head off to try some more new ideas I have. I think that is why my range is so unique and limited, once I’ve got an idea and made it happen, I can’t wait to try the next idea, so most of my pieces are one-off or very limited. And each piece is unique and never duplicated.

Head over to my Etsy or Madeit store to see more on all the pieces above.