Ceramic Coasters – Hand built from porcelain

I first started making coasters around a year ago. While they looked great, the failure rate was high. They would warp when drying and I’d have to make 8 to get 4 good ones. So I gave them away for a while and worked on other things. After getting my hands on some of the most amazing hand carved Indian stamps, the coasters again came to mind as the designs of the stamps was perfect for them. I worked on technique and tried some new ways to get around the drying problem and have cut down the failure rate by at least half if not more. Now that things are sorted, I have released a brand new range of both ready to ship and made to order coasters. Check out my Madeit and Etsy stores for the full range and all info.

Coaster_flower_turq_1 Coaster_round_navy_2 Coaster_turq_1 Coasters_indian stamp_1 Coasters_mint_1 Coasters_white_1


Two months until Christmas

I’m sorry my poor little neglected blog. With everything that comes with running my little business, you seem to come in last behind the seemingly endless… Facebook, Madeit, Etsy, Instagram, Newsletter, not to mention the many orders flooding in for Christmas decorations and other gifts at this time of year. Put on top of that my totally unrealistic need to produce something new and different at least once a fortnight and … Where was I…Ohh look, new gold foil decals on Etsy, now how could I use those…See what I mean!

I’ll keep this one short, well short on words and big on pictures, because that’s what we all like to see right, pictures of pretty things! To say the least I am busy. My order board, which is a big whiteboard hanging on my studio wall is full and has bit of paper stuck to the bottom with sticky tape and scribbled orders. I seem to wipe one off and add two more. But I do love this time of year and the craziness it brings.

And now for the pretty things. Here are some of the piecesĀ I’ve been working on lately:

Dove_red wings_2 Christmas stars_silver trim_1 Christmas angels_gold trim_1 Christmas angels x 3 _aqua_2 Round ring dish_full cherry blossom_1 Round ring dish_ Red_1 Twin Swallows Large doily bowl_red_1 Flower ring dish_green_1 Bird wall art_Single_turquoise_1


What’s new for July. Porcelain ring dishes, jewellery holders, soap dishes and platters

I’ve been so busy lately I don’t know where to start!

I was so excited to be contacted by The Herald Sun Home Magazine who wanted to do a feature article on me and my work. What an honour! This magazine is seen by thousands across the Melbourne area and my sales rocketed following the release. Here is the article:

Home Magazine 1 Home Magazine 2


I’m also very excited to be making a large selection of my bowls, ring dishes and rectangle dish sets for a new shop opening in South Australia soon. The shop will be stocking an amazing array of handmade products from around the world. I feel very privileged to be among such amazing artists. Here are a few things making their way to their new home this very minute.

Large round ring dishes Rectangle sets Ring dishes


And of course, even among all this craziness I always have a new idea in development. After a special request from a customer, I was finally prompted into trying a platter, which has been on my list of things to do for some time. After showing the customer the design, she went with lime green and my very first platter is now at home with it’s new owner. I’ve got another one drying right now and a larger design also in production.

Oblong doily platter in lime_Custom Allison


I’m always adding new stock to my online stores, so drop by often to see what’s new.

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